Shirley, 62, Brixham, Personal Training Client

“Chris is a great teacher and really takes the time to explain everything… My husband was pretty impressed when he found out I could lift my own bodyweight!  At my age I didn’t think I’d be excited about getting fit again! Thank you very much.”

Laura, 25, Paignton. Personal Training Client

“I used to find going to the gym really boring, but what [CrossFit Westcountry] do is loads of fun. I’ve improved at pretty much everything and feel much fitter.”

Lee, 32, Personal Training Client after only 3 weeks of using our services.

“I am already down 6lbs so thats great and I can feel myself starting to change shape too.”

“Nutrition program has also gone well. I have stuck to it rigidly and haven’t had any cravings for sweet food as yet”.