2 Easy Moves To Start Your Gymnastics Journey

Posted: April 14, 2008 in Articles - Fitness
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People just don’t hang around by their arms enough in my opinion.  But they should.

Hanging Around...

Kids get it – give them a set of monkey bars or a goal post, and the first thing they’ll do is jump up and start hanging there like little monkeys.  Why?  IT’S FUN!

Being able to hold your bodyweight by your arms is a valuable skill.  It’s the first step in being able to pull your bodyweight over an obstacle and could save your life if you ever find yourself hanging from a cliff face…

So, go find yourself a pullup bar, a ledge, or something else to hang from.  Then take a palms-away, thumb-on-top grip and hang there for as long as you can.  Build up to 60secs.  This will work your grip strength and build up the strength in your arm and shoulder joints.

Of course, if you’re doing the above exercise, then you should really balance it out with an exercise where you support your bodyweight on top of your hands with your arms at full extension.  This is the position you’d find yourself in if you were to push up onto an object such as a ledge – think getting out of a swimming pool (without using the steps smartass…).

Support on Worktop

OK, so find a surface about waist height such as a worktop, a sturdy desktop or a hand-rail.  Then with your arms fully extended, take all of your weight onto your hands ensuring that you push down through your shoulders until your feet come off the floor – hold for time.

If you have access to gymnastic rings, then these are perfect for practicing your supports on and make the exercise harder because you need to stabilise the rings by your side.

Ring Support
(Photo taken from RIngTraining.com)

These are nice moves to work into your cool-downs.  They’re not particularly stressful, but are well worth the addition to your training if you’re not ready to start working full range-of-motion pullups of dips.

Give ’em a go.


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