Daily Morning Workout

Posted: April 9, 2008 in Articles - Fitness
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I mentioned to a client of mine last week that I did a mobility and “wake-up” workout every single morning regardless of whether I had another CrossFit workout planned later in the day and he was a little taken aback.

I thought I’d take some time to chat through why I do this each day and what my routine entails.

I read a fair amount of Taoist and Zen influenced material and a while ago I came across a book which talked about setting aside some time each day where you allow your mind and body to “come together” whether this is through meditation or lifting weights, you take the time to really involve your mind in what your body is doing.

Seeing as most people try to distract themselves with music or television whilst working out, I liked the sound of really getting involved with what I was doing and thought it would be a good was to set my mental focus up for the day and get my body running properly. The goal is to prep myself for the day, not to get a sweat on or fatigue myself – hence the low reps on the strength moves.

So here’s what I do each day. I really focus on each movement and get my breathing nice and deep as I progress. I do 10 reps of all the mobility stuff, both sides where appropriate:

  1. Neck mobility – left and right / up and down
  2. Shoulder rolls
  3. Arm circles
  4. Dynamic chest stretches
  5. Wrist circles
  6. Seated spinal twists
  7. Dynamic waist & spinal twists
  8. Hip “hula” circles
  9. Pelvic circles
  10. Hindu pushups
  11. Dynamic forward bends
  12. Dynamic front leg swings
  13. Dynamic side leg swings
  14. Dynamic rear leg swings
  15. Ankle circles
  16. Rocking Pistols (5 x 3)
  17. Full ROM Handstand Pushups between chairs (5 x 3)
  18. L-Sit (30 secs x 3)

That’s it. I then have my morning shower and I’m good to go.

Try something similar – its definitely worth it and you’ll have already accomplished something and improved yourself by the time you get to work whereas all your colleagues will have to make do with being happy that they got their socks on the right feet before they left the house.


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