Think gymnastics is for girls?… Shut up.

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Articles - Fitness
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Frankly I’m tired of hearing people say “but isn’t gymnastics a girl’s sport?”.

These are the same people who also say “but gymnastics is dangerous” when you try and get them to give even the most basic gymnastics drills a try.

So, either these people feel that it’s alright to let little girls do dangerous sports…  or they really don’t have a clue about gymnastics and what’s involved in the training.


Take a look at the photo above – it’s of Jordan Jovtchev, one of the worlds best gymnasts – what he’s doing is awesome, it takes a degree of strength, balance and coordination that most people will never even come close to developing.

Long story short – gymnasts rock.  They are amongst the strongest, most powerful, athletic individuals on the planet and have amazing physiques to match.

Do yourself a favour and add some gymnastics exercises into your training.  It’s easier than you might think as all of the advanced strength moves have a number of simpler/easier exercises that allow you to build up to them – these are called progressions.  Here are a few examples to look into:

pushups from the knees > pushups > pushups with elevated feet > handstand pushups

bar hangs > jumping pullups/pullup negatives > bar pullups to chin level >
bar pullups to chest level + dips > ring pullups + ring dips > muscle ups

frog stand > tuck planche > extended tuck planche > straddle planche > planche pushups > planche 

Before you do anything else though, learn to do a handstand.  Start against a wall and try and hold it for 60secs.  Then start trying to do freestanding handstands – start off close enough to a wall so that when you lose balance you can ‘catch’ yourself.  Do them for time – about 60secs – but only count the time you are actually balanced, not the time spend on the floor or kicking back up.

The handstand will open up a whole world of skills to you and show you just how tough, but incredibly rewarding gymnastics can be.

Try it – I think you’ll like the results.

Also, be sure to check out Coach Sommer’s new website “Gymnastic Bodies“.  There is a wealth of info on there already and the site is still in development. Bookmark it now!

  1. Andy Tromane says:

    Damn well said!!!!!
    As a male gymnastics coach and a state champion gymnast I call this the best gymnastics related blog I ever read!!!!

    Thumpingly Great Job!!!

  2. Thanks!

    Gymnasts rule.

    I’m no gymnast, but the training has added so much to my fitness and strength, that its hard to believe more people don’t try even the basics.

    Glad you liked the post.

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