Crossfit Westcountry – 30 Muscle Up Top 10

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Articles - Fitness
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Just a quick post to mention that we are now listed in the Top 10 times for the 30 Muscle Up workout at

Currently we’re at number 8 in the standings.

Our goal is to get under 4 minutes this year. As things stand that would be a Top 2 standing.

The other purpose of this post was just to highlight the LogsItAll website, which is doing an outstanding job of letting people know where they rank for a massive number of workouts (not purely CrossFit either).

Get an account with them for free and start posting…

  1. bill patton says:

    i’m bill patton – the guy. thanks for the write up! if you like, try using the embed function and paste in the ranking you are talking about right into your site – email me if you are interested.

    thanks again.
    bill patton

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