How Much Fish Oil Should You Take?

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Articles - Nutrition
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Fish oil is important to your health and in high doses has been touted as something of a medical miracle.

It can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and help the brain to function better.

This is all due to the Omega-3 fats contained within fish oil – fats which are essential but that most of us don’t get anywhere near enough of.

How Much Fish Oil Should You Take to Get the Benefits?

Well, according to the “Omega Rx Zone” by Barry Sears, for normal individuals without chronic diseases or inflammation, 2.5 grams per day of Omega-3 fats is enough.

If you have chronic disease however you may need to take as much as 10 grams of Omega-3 per day. To fine tune your dosage, you’re going to to need to gradually increase your dosage to a point where the benefits cease, then decrease your dosage to a point where they return – this will give you your minimum fish oil requirement.

How to Check the Quality of your Fish Oil

The recommendations assume that you are taking pharmaceutical grade fish oil. This is a highly refined product which has had many of the pollutants and impurities removed and has a much higher concentration of Omega-3 fats. They are however very expensive.

You can get away with less refined fish oils. Look for ones where EPA and DHA levels when added together are around 50% of the total amount of oil.


Each capsule contains:
Fish Oil 1000mg
which contains:
EPA 300mg
DHA 200mg

300mg + 200mg = 500mg which is half of the 1000mg of total fish oil.

Then you need to put some of the fish oil into the freezer overnight. In the morning cut open the capsules and if the oil hasn’t frozen, then you’re onto a winner. If the oil/liquid is frozen solid – do not use that fish oil!!!

How Many Fish Oil Capsules Should I Take?

Then you need to workout how many capsule to take in a day. To do this add together the EPA and DHA figures (these are the Omega-3 fats) – in the example above this comes to 500mg. As an example, if we wanna be taking 5 grams (5000mg) of Omega-3 per day, then if we’re using the above brand we need to take 10 capsules.

You’ll wanna split this dose. So you could take 4 in the morning, 3 at lunch and 3 in the evening, or if you eat 5 times per day, take 2 with each meal – it’s up to you.

From personal experience, fish oil is magic – but you need to make sure that you take the right doseage and that you take high-enough quality oil.

  1. Rock says:

    Really very good blog every one know that fish oil is important to health but no one knows that How Much Fish Oil Should Take? and your bog say about that .Very good work thank you!.

  2. Jo anne Lyon says:


  3. Sol says:

    i am just starting to take the fish oil capsules, and i am wondering whether it is better to cut open the capsules and eat it or just eat it as a capsules? thanks

    • Hi Sol,

      I just take the capsules. If you’re gonna cut them open you might as well just buy the liquid bottles.

      I did hear someone recommend biting them before you swallow them. I guess that just speeds up how quickly the oil is released to improve digestion etc.

      I take mine with meals to improve digestion and absorbtion.

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