4 principles of Balanced Nutrition

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Articles - Nutrition, Our Services
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I’ve spoken to a number of people recently who are on “diets”.

Now, “diet” is a word I hate to use – it reeks of short-termism.

These people are eating rations of fruit, cereals or bread for breakfast and lunch and then eating a typical meal in the evening.

What they are in effect doing is starving their bodies of protein and fat during the day and instead living on carbohydrates – almost 100% in fact. For one thing, this isn’t good for insulin levels.

Now, they are restricting caloric intake, which will potentially lead to weight loss (assuming the aren’t spking insulin with carb-heavy daytime snacks), but there isn’t a bats chance in hell that they are getting adequate nutrition.

All that will happen is that they may lose weight in the short term, but as soon as they begin to eat “normally”, their bodies will breathe a sigh of relief and store more food as bodyfat should another famine period come around.

What we try to do is look at the long term. We try to educate our clients as to what they should be eating – what kinds of foods, how much and when, so that they can construct balanced, healthy and tasty meals and make the shift from “dieting” to a lifetime of healthy nutrition.

Our program works on the following simple principles:

  1. The body needs a certain level of protein for healthy function.
  2. By controlling carbohydrate intake we can control insulin levels to normalise body-fat %s
  3. Fat is a good thing and is essential to health – you just need to know how much you need.
  4. There are certain foods we are designed to eat as humans and some that we are not.

Ultimately, we utilise Paleo food types and combine these with Zone-style proportions to tell us how much a client should be eating and what types of food they should consume.

The trick with all of this is implementation and this is where it can really help to have someone on hand to guide you each step of the way.

These are the very same principles I follow and I haven’t looked back since I started. I know first-hand that this stuff works.

So, if you need some nutritional guidance, then give us a call at our gym in Totnes– we’d be glad to help.


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